5X5 HD Closure Wig

5X5 HD Closure Wig

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This is a 5X5 closure with plenty of parting space, you can choose from middle & side part. You can also do braids, pony tails etc. Size Medium, Includes straps & clips. Mesh wig cap with ear tabs 

These wigs are super thick, they are not your average wig. These wigs are top quality & are 100% worth the investment they will last multiple installs. 

Our HD Wigs are on of our most popular items. We have REAL HD lace, REAL HD is almost clear, very thin, and has no ash tone. A lot of companies sell transparent lace as HD lace so be aware. 

The quality of our HD wigs are impeccable, our hair is soft, silky, and thick. Your wig can last over a year with proper care. 
Everything about our wigs scream luxury & high quality, these are the wigs you want to buy if you want top notch hair.

These wigs are machine made. They are premade wigs, and the are not styled. The closure is slightly pre-plucked with baby hairs. You may want to bleach the knots & pluck the closure more if you prefer a scalp look.  

You can install the wig your self, but a lot of customers bring these to a stylist (have them pluck, style, and install) the wig. A benefit of a wig is that stylists tend to charge a cheaper price to install a wig vs bundles.

Due to the high price of wigs we tend to keep limited stock so if you have a important event we suggest getting them ASAP.